Bat Dosyası ile Bir Klasörü Otomatik Sıkıştırmak

Aşağıda verdiğim komutları bat dosyası haline getirin ve ilgili alanları düzenleyin.

C:\PROGRA~1\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe a -r -M1 -MD4096 -ibck -Y -O+ -ac -ep1 -ag+YYYYMMDD-HHMI "C:\AlinanYedek.rar" "C:\alinacak_klasor "

AlInacak Klasör: Hangi klasörü yedekliyorsanız onu yazın. Mavi ile işaretlediğim alan yedeğin nerede tutulacağı ve ilgili parametreleri düzenleyebilirsiniz. Tüm parametreler aşağıda. Daha sonra bu bat dosyasını Görev zamanlayıcıdan "Temel Görev Oluştur" kullanarak otomatik çalıştırabilirsiniz.

a add files to an archive
c add an archive comment
d delete files from an archive
e extract files from an archive, ignoring paths
f freshen files within an archive
i find string in archives
k lock an archive
m move files and folders to an archive
r repair a damaged archive
rc reconstruct missing volumes
rn rename archived files
rr[N] add data recovery record
rv[N] create recovery volumes
s[name] convert an archive to a self-extracting type
s- remove SFX module
t test archive files
u update files within an archive
x extract files from an archive with full paths

-ac clear Archive attribute after compression or extraction
-ad append archive name to destination path
-af<type> specify archive format
-ag[format] generate archive name using the current date and time
-ao add files with Archive attribute set
-ap set path inside archive
-as synchronize archive contents
-av apply authenticity verification
-av- disable adding authenticity verification
-cfg- ignore default profile and environment variable
-cl convert file names to lower case
-cu convert file names to upper case
-df delete files after archiving
-dh open shared files
-ds do not sort archiving files
-ed do not add empty folders
-en do not add "end of archive" block
-ep exclude paths from names
-ep1 exclude base folder from names
-ep2 expand paths to full
-ep3 expand paths to full including the drive letter
-e<attr> set file exclude attributes
-f freshen files
-hp[pwd] encrypt both file data and headers
-ibck run WinRAR in background
-ieml send archive by email
-iicon<name> specify SFX icon
-ilog[name] log errors to file
-inul disable error messages
-ioff turn PC off
-k lock archive
-kb keep broken extracted files
-m<n> set compression method
-mc<par> set advanced compression parameters
-md<n> select dictionary size
-ms specify file types to store
-oc set NTFS "Compressed" attribute
-os save NTFS streams
-ow process file security information
-o+ overwrite existing files
-o- do not overwrite existing files
-p[pwd] set password
-r recurse subfolders
-r0 recurse subfolders for wildcard names only
-ri set priority and sleep time
-rr[N] add data recovery record
-rv[N] create recovery volumes
-s create a solid archive
-s<N> create solid groups using file count
-se create solid groups using file extension
-sfx[name] create self-extracting archive
-sv create independent solid volumes
-sv- create dependent solid volumes
-s- disable solid archiving
-t test files after archiving
-ta<date> process files modified after the specified date
-tb<date> process files modified before the specified date
-tk keep original archive time
-tl set archive time to newest file
-tn<time> process files newer than the specified time
-to<time> process files older than the specified time
-ts<m,c,a> save or restore file time (modification, creation, access)
-u update files
-v<n>[k|b|f|m|M|g|G] create volumes
-vd erase disk contents before creating volume
-ver file version control
-vn use the old style volume naming scheme
-vp pause before each volume
-x<file> exclude the specified file
-x@<listfile> exclude files using a specified list file
-y assume Yes on all queries
-z<file> read archive comment from file
-- stop switches scanning